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Václav Kašička Group

Electromigration Methods
Core Facility
PHYS cluster

About our group

The group is engaged in research and development of theory, methodology, and instrumentation of capillary electromigration (CE) methods and their application for the separation, analysis, micropreparation, and physico-chemical characterization of (bio)molecules. Methodology developments include all major CE techniques: zone electrophoresis, affinity electrophoresis, isotachophoresis, isoelectric focusing, electrokinetic chromatography, and electrochromatography. New devices for one- and two-dimensional CE methods with a multidimensional detection system are under development. Two-dimensional separations are implemented by an on-line combination of orthogonal CE methods in two in-series connected capillaries. The detection system is composed of contactless conductivity, UV spectrophotometric, laser-induced fluorescence, and mass spectrometric detectors.